Monday 26 December 2022

New Interview with Innerviews (Anil Prasad)

Out now is a lengthy and in depth conversation/interview with Anil Prasad, on his long running Innerviews website.

Mostly focussed on my recent activity with O.R.k., Fractal Sextet, Endless Tapes and also the Ukrainian connection.

Friday 9 December 2022

Lisa's War Diary - The First Week (Edit)

Jon Durant, Inna Kovtun and myself have created an audio backdrop to complement a spoken word diary, originally written by Kyiv resident and street photographer Lisa Bukreyeva, documenting her thoughts and feelings during the first 130 days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Throughout the diary, Lisa describes the inescapable reality of the current conflict.

The diary is narrated by Nisha Pannu, whose northern English diction actually doesn't feel out of place in bringing the translation to life from the original text.

Lisa's War Diary is part of a wider exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian photographers put together by a very old friend of mine, Stuart Roy Clarke, and which has been running at the Rheged Centre in Penhills in the English Lake District for several months now and is scheduled to run until January 8th 2023.

The images on the trailer above, (which is the first week or so of the diary, the full thing being around half an hour long), range from documentary images to more abstract artistic photographs, and are all taken from the exhibition, high quality prints are also available to order with all profits going directly to the photographers involved.

Future plans include moving the exhibition to other parts of the UK and possibly the USA (currently under discussion) and also a possible book format for the imagery. For now I'd just like to share the trailer, and encourage anyone who is able to, to go and see the exhibition in real life. 

For more information please see:

Friday 25 November 2022

Something Old - Something New.

 Very pleased to say that Alessandro Pedretti and I have rebooted Endless Tapes with some new material, our first release since 2016's "Brilliant Waves" - "Third Reel" is a digital only release in partnership with Sonoton Music in Germany and is available to stream here:

Third Reel features 5 tracks recorded over the early part of 2022 with another great cover image courtesy of Carl Glover at Aleph (Carl also made the images for our previous releases)


1. The Pilot Exits

2. Upstream Colours

3. Lemons and Demons

4. Flashbulb Memories

5. Open Circles

Since Brilliant Waves Alessandro Pedretti and have collaborated on some abstract "installation music" for a sculpture trail in Northern Italy, but Third Reel is more in the spirit of "Brilliant Waves", our work together always brings something new to the surface, and I think Third Reel EP is a worthy continuation.

Secondly, I am very happy so say that O.R.k's first album "Inflamed Rides" is seeing a vinyl release for the first time ever. The reissue also benefits from a much improved remix and remaster with the CD version also having some extra tracks, including our -dare I say it- idiosyncratic Bowie cover "I'm Afraid of Americans" which has been a longtime favourite in our live shows, this is the first time it's been available in any physical format at all.

The two most recent O.R.k. albums (Screamnasium and Ramagehead) have had a much higher profile than the first two, so I know this album slipped under a number of radars in 2015, but despite Inflamed Rides getting a fairly limited release, it was very well received, I am posting below a few reviews that came out at the time:

As well as a new mix and master, the new Inflamed Rides also comes in a very fetching blue vinyl. Available here: 

Saturday 17 September 2022

Yogev Gabay talks about Fractal Sextet

Enjoyable video from the fantastic drummer Yogav Gabay, deconstructing the rhythmic cycle underlying Fractal Sextet's "Mise En Abyme" and talking about his approach to the drums. CD's available here

Thursday 8 September 2022

Thursday 1 September 2022

Brightest Blue - Tim Bowness

Massive thanks to Tim Bowness for donating these two brand new 2022 interpretations of his song "Brightest Blue" to the AE Appeal page. Recorded in the UK and US during the Summer of 2022, two new versions of the Tim Bowness song Brightest Blue - written about the 1990s Yugoslav conflict and originally on the 1994 Tim Bowness / Richard Barbieri album Flame - will be available from Bandcamp from September 1. Yours truly on bass for both versions, also featuring my EDK partners, American guitarist Jon Durant, Ukrainian Folk singer Inna Kovtun, drummer Andrew Booker and keyboardist Brian Hulse (both from the UK). ‘Electric' (a synth based version) has been mixed and mastered by Brian Hulse and ‘Sky’ (an Ambient Rock interpretation) has been mixed and mastered by Nosound’s Giancarlo Erra. Free to download but please donate if you can, as with all the music on the Bandcamp page, all funds go to Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Thursday 11 August 2022

O.R.k. - Screamnasium - Album Trailer

Following on from last month's single "As I Leave", I am happy to say that O.R.k. album four, "Screamnasium" will be out in October. Right now, “Screamnasium” feels to me like the album we’ve been trying to make since we first conceived the band, both sonically and in terms of the songwriting and subject matter. All four of us are playing to our natural strengths and we’ve managed to express both light and shade and all sorts of colours in between. It reflects our recent pasts, and directs some energy towards a more hopeful future. For me it’s been kind of a depurative, and I really hope that overall feeling comes across. Pre Order link for digital, vinyl and CD can be found here:

Friday 5 August 2022

Fractal Sextet

The Fractal Sextet album is finally due out in September 2022. Featuring Stephan Thelen and Jon Durant on guitars, Keyboardist Fabio Anile, Andi Pupato on percussion, Yogev Gabay on drums and yours truly on bass. It's perhaps best described as a deep dive into extended odd time, modal improvisation, with five lengthy tracks across the album as a whole. Most of the music originates from existing compositions by Stephan and Fabio, but the music has definately evolved into something of it's own with contributions from everyone involved, creating a very distinct group identity and I think it's appropriate to use the word "synergy".
If you're curious to check out an early review, please click here CD Pre-Order link can be found here

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Inna Kovtun - Bandcamp Page

Inna Kovtun is the "K" in EDK-) and she has a new Bandcamp page with some more Ukrainian folk based crossover collision music ie. Ukrainian folk songs with new interpretations. Please see: I am on upright, electric bass and programming, with guitars and additonal programming by Jon Durant.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

O.R.k. - "As I Leave" - Video by Chiara Orsi

Very pleased to finally share the news that "As I Leave" the latest track from O.R.k. is out today. Stunning video work by Chiara Orsi, who has managed to capture something almost indefinable about the atmosphere of the track. As with the rest of our forthcoming album, more on that later, the track has been mixed by Machine who has done a fantastic job. Lyrically, “As I Leave” is an ambiguous contemplation on the inexplicable reasons for close personal bonds and human connections. It’s a song for anyone who ever desired deeper connections with another, but in some puzzling way, just couldn’t make it work. The profoundest differences are rarely geographical, as most of us have discovered over the last few years. There’s often an unknowable reason under the surface, did your blow your chance? … or did your dreams just get old? "As I Leave" is out now on all the usual Digital platforms :

Sunday 19 June 2022

O.R.k. - "As I Leave"


Cover image for "As I Leave" - the first single (or focus track, or whatever else they are known as these days) to be taken from the upcoming O.R.k. album will be out on June 22nd.

“As I Leave” is an ambiguous contemplation on the inexplicable reasons for close personal bonds and human connections. It’s a song for anyone who ever desired deeper connections with another, but in some puzzling way, just couldn’t make it work. The profoundest differences are rarely geographical, as most of us have discovered over the last few years.  There’s often unknowable reasons under the surface, did your blow your chance? … or did your dreams just get old?

"As I Leave" will be accompanied by a video, soon to be found on the O.R.k. youtube channel here:

Presave link for the track here:

Saturday 28 May 2022

O.R.k. - New Album

With all the chaos, confusion and downright bad stuff that's happened the in last few years, O.R.k. may well have slipped under your radar. In common with the majority of musicians, we've had tours, recordings, releases and activities cancelled and curtailed. But, moving on, we're on track for album four release later this year... In the meantime, here's where the story started, "Pyre" - on the strength of this video, a whole bunch of people put their faith in us and crowdfunded our first album "Inflamed Rides" , something for which I'll be forever grateful, despite the somewhat taxing process crowdfunding turned out to be. I am also pleased to say "Inflamed Rides" has been freshly remixed and remastered and will also be out later this year....but for now, if you feel like you want to burn one down...:

Friday 18 March 2022

Oy Yak Viydu - Guadi Remix

Very happy to present this exclusive remix by dubmaster GAUDI of the track “Oy Yak Viydu” (…meaning 'I Will Go Out' in Ukrainian), out now in aid of the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. 100% of all the profits from this remix, and all other releases on the page will be going towards desperately needed humanitarian aid resulting from the ongoing crisis and tragic situation in Ukraine. ‘Oy Yak Vidyu' was originally released on the eponymous “EDK” album from Ukrainian vocalist Inna Kovtun, yours truly (UK) and Jon Durant (USA), a full length album featuring reimagined reworkings from a selection of traditional Ukrainian folk songs. Gaudi skilfully demonstrated his affinity and appreciation for Ukrainian music, having previously remixed legendary Ukrainian folk quartet Dakhabrakha, so we are delighted to have his unique touch to bring out a completely different angle to 'Oy Yak Viydu'. A positive and uplifting take on the original to bring some light in these dark times. Thank you Gaudi and thank you everyone who kindly buys this song. ❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Please share, download, and donate if you can.

Friday 4 March 2022

Bandcamp Appeal Update

It's still Bandcamp Friday, so still time for donations to have maximum effect, but just to say that the page will be here for the long haul, as Jon Durant and I have a few more tracks we previously recorded with Inna Kovtun, and we'll be posting some up in the future, so we'll be continuing to raise funds for the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal for as long as we can. If you can't donate, then please download, and help Ukrainian (...or at least, our take on it!) music reach new ears. Make no mistake, Putin's war is also a war on Ukrainian culture, alongside the terrible devastation being done to civilian lives and infrastructure, cultural institutions, museums (see Maria Prymachenko), memorials (see Babi Yar), historical buildings and universities have all become targets, things to be erased and destroyed. Music is perhaps the most portable and durable cultural artifact, but I am sure Putin would like to erase Ukrainian music too. The Astarta/Edwin and EDK tracks are, for the most part, based around traditional folk forms and melodies, which have been passed through generations, long may they continue to be passed on..... Heartfelt thanks to all those who have donated so far! Approaching £500...!

Wednesday 2 March 2022

British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

I’ve decided to remove the two collaborative albums of Ukrainian “Collision Music” - Astarta/Edwin (the original album and the remix album “Outages”) from my Bandcamp page.

In an attempt to help the relief efforts these releases (and others forthcoming.…) will be available on a new Bandcamp page set up specifically to raise funds for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal here:

As well as raising funds, I think it important that Ukrainian music, perhaps lesser known outside the country, is able to reach as many people as possible, to present an example of something positive from Ukraine, and to let the wider world know that Ukrainians posses a distinct and rich culture of their own, so therefore everything will be available on a “pay as you like” basis, and will remain so, but I would like to encourage everyone who can, to please make a donation to aid the humanitarian efforts.

The war in Ukraine is destroying the lives of many people, and the musicians I’ve made these recordings with have had their lives upended along with many of their compatriots, please share, tweet, download, donate…..

Small reminder, this Friday is “Bandcamp Friday”, where Bandcamp waive their usual cut from sales, so the maximum amount of donation can be passed on.

Friday 25 February 2022

Ukraine Appeal

When I first started working with Ukrainian musicians and singers, back in about 2012, I used to get a lot of people asking me "....what's up with those Russians you are playing with".

I could forgive the ignorance though, for a lot of people like myself who grew up in the Cold War era, the East side of most European maps was just a mass of red labelled "U.S.S.R", and most of us never expected to go there, much less to interact with any of the inhabitants or bother to learn the differences between the many Soviet Republics.

In more recent times even the most ignorant amongst us has learnt the difference between Russian and Ukrainian, and sadly not because of any great cultural understanding, but because of the most tragic and serious recent events.

(With Jon Durant and Inna Kovtun, in London whilst mixing the EDK album)

It has been a great experience for me on a personal level to go to Ukraine and to find musical bonds with people from totally different backgrounds who I struggled to converse with, and it's been an ongoing and deeply satisfying artistic journey to continue working with the hugely talented and passionate Ukrainian folk singer Inna Kovtun, to explore a small part of the intriguing Slavic folk music canon with it's unique character and beauty. 

The last few days I've been bouncing between shock, anger, deep concern for the Ukrainian people now living in real danger and fear, and a feeling of helplessness about what, if anything, I can do.

For anyone else wondering what to do to support the Ukrainian people, in response to the crisis, there are a number of charitable organisations who have set up appeals, I'd therefore like to post this link to information from the Ukrainian Institute in London:

There's also a new Red Cross Appeal:

I'd also urge anyone in the UK to write to their MP to push for the firmest sanctions possible against the Russian Government and it's elite citizens. The UK's weak response to date is nothing short of shameful, demonstrating a greater regard for the assets of kleptocrats and their stolen funds than the lives and security of Ukrainian citizens under attack.

It's easier than you might think to write to your MP, please click below:



Thursday 6 January 2022

Burnt Belief Sampler- Traces

It’s been gratifying for Jon Durant and I to get such a good reception to our most recent Burnt Belief album “Mutual Isolation”, which was released late last year. We’ve decided to drop a selection of tracks from across our 4 albums as a kind of introduction to Burnt Belief for any one who’d like to dip an ear into the albums but isn’t sure where to start, or anyone who’s maybe picked up “Mutual Isolation” and would like to go back a bit further into the Burnt Belief catalogue. 
 As well as one track from each album, you’ll also find the track “Charlatan”, which was a previously hidden digital only bonus track from 2014’s Etymomolgy. 
 Jon has provided his thoughts about the tracks below: 

 Charlatan: This super cool ethno dub electronica vibe was originally done for the Etymology album but was left off as the album was already too long. Lots of cool e-bow work, ring modulator, and a big melody which was doubled with midi guitar playing a mini moog. I always greatly enjoyed the piece and I’ve been sorry that it wasn’t available except as a bonus track.
 Chimera: This might be my personal favorite of the tracks on Etymology. The groove set up by Colin’s slicing of my clouds is immediately compelling, and when coupled with the Crimso-minimalist guitar bits take it into a whole other zone. But my favorite elements are the rhythmic e-bow bits (played by bouncing the ebow on the strings rather than just holding it in place) and the prepared piano noises in the middle section. The solo, played with e-bow, is also a highlight. 
 Impossible Senses: A fun, ethno-fusion romp with wonderful percussion from Jerry Leake. This one also has mini moog played on midi guitar. A fun accident happened on the solo—my shirtsleeve had been rolled up and came unrolled while I was playing. It draped over the string in just the right place to create an artificial harmonic at the end of a phrase. 
 Emergent: The title track from our third album has always struck me as being one of the best examples of what it is that Burnt Belief is about. Ethnic elements, prog elements, fusion elements, and extraordinary textures and sounds. This was the first piece I wrote when I had ordered my fretless guitar (but hadn’t yet received it). I knew how the instrument would be used well before I got it! The breathy synth is played on midi guitar. 
 Expanse: This was the track that got us started making Mutual Isolation. It was a follow on from the concept behind my solo album ”Soul of a River” where I ran a digital piano through my guitar rig to create a different sort of atmosphere from how I’d normally been working. But I wanted to add more to it, and approached Colin with it. His wonderful phrases on upright immediately grabbed me and I knew we were on our way to something special. On each of the BB albums, there’s a piece that’s primarily based on atmospherics and this one for me represents the best of them all. 

 “Charlatan” “Chimera” and “Emergent” feature Vinny Sabatino on drums and “Impossible Senses” has the masterful Jerry Leake adding rhythmic depth on various ethnic percussions. Available on a pay as you like basis here: 
 Best, Colin

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