Wednesday 2 March 2022

British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

I’ve decided to remove the two collaborative albums of Ukrainian “Collision Music” - Astarta/Edwin (the original album and the remix album “Outages”) from my Bandcamp page.

In an attempt to help the relief efforts these releases (and others forthcoming.…) will be available on a new Bandcamp page set up specifically to raise funds for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal here:

As well as raising funds, I think it important that Ukrainian music, perhaps lesser known outside the country, is able to reach as many people as possible, to present an example of something positive from Ukraine, and to let the wider world know that Ukrainians posses a distinct and rich culture of their own, so therefore everything will be available on a “pay as you like” basis, and will remain so, but I would like to encourage everyone who can, to please make a donation to aid the humanitarian efforts.

The war in Ukraine is destroying the lives of many people, and the musicians I’ve made these recordings with have had their lives upended along with many of their compatriots, please share, tweet, download, donate…..

Small reminder, this Friday is “Bandcamp Friday”, where Bandcamp waive their usual cut from sales, so the maximum amount of donation can be passed on.

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