Friday 22 March 2013

Metallic Taste of Blood Live Debut

Very much looking forward to playing live for the first time with Metallic Taste of Blood at the Asymmetry Festival in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland on May 4th.

Eraldo Bernocchi, Balazs Pandi and myself will be joined by Roy Powell, of the band Naked Truth

Click here to visit the festival website for all the information and check out the bill, also including Melvins Lite, UfoMammut, Cult of Luna, Mayhem and lots of others.

I am also happy to say The Metallic Taste of Blood album has just been voted by the staff at as the best Avant Garde/Experimental Metal album of 2012, and although having been out for a while now, the album is still picking up some great reviews too , here on the blog horsebits, here on, and also on Dutch website Progwereld.

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Thursday 7 March 2013

Twinscapes (with Lorenzo Feliciati)

I've been interested in the idea of writing and performing with another bass player for quite some time, and I am pleased to say, next week I'll get the chance to do so.

I'll be playing at the Flyover in London W10 with Italian bassist, composer and arranger Lorenzo Feliciati, who I am mostly familiar with through his work with the mighty Naked Truth, although I've also been digging his recent album "Frequent Flyer".
We have christened ourselves "Twinscapes" which hopefully conveys the ambient, rhythmic, electronic, and atmospheric territory we'll be (dis)covering, with plenty of room for improvisation and interaction too.

Dave Walsh will be joining us on drums, and Matt Stevens will be playing support.

Saturday 16th March at 8pm, The Flyover, 3-5 Thorpe Close, Portobello London W10 5XL
Admission is Free.

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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Guest Activity.

Here's a few recent guest appearances, mostly playing fretless bass:

Firstly, I've recently been playing on some of Bristol based Matthew Richard's Dancing for Architecture material, two of the pieces "Era" and "Glad in the Gloom" you can check out here, there will be more to follow:

Herd of Instinct  have the track "Praxis" from their latest album "Conjure" up on youtube, I'm also on another track on the album as well.

Lastly, along with a whole host of others, I've contributed to Telergy's forthcoming album, currently running in an Indiegogo campaign to bring the new album to release, click the link below for all the details:

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