Friday 25 November 2022

Something Old - Something New.

 Very pleased to say that Alessandro Pedretti and I have rebooted Endless Tapes with some new material, our first release since 2016's "Brilliant Waves" - "Third Reel" is a digital only release in partnership with Sonoton Music in Germany and is available to stream here:

Third Reel features 5 tracks recorded over the early part of 2022 with another great cover image courtesy of Carl Glover at Aleph (Carl also made the images for our previous releases)


1. The Pilot Exits

2. Upstream Colours

3. Lemons and Demons

4. Flashbulb Memories

5. Open Circles

Since Brilliant Waves Alessandro Pedretti and have collaborated on some abstract "installation music" for a sculpture trail in Northern Italy, but Third Reel is more in the spirit of "Brilliant Waves", our work together always brings something new to the surface, and I think Third Reel EP is a worthy continuation.

Secondly, I am very happy so say that O.R.k's first album "Inflamed Rides" is seeing a vinyl release for the first time ever. The reissue also benefits from a much improved remix and remaster with the CD version also having some extra tracks, including our -dare I say it- idiosyncratic Bowie cover "I'm Afraid of Americans" which has been a longtime favourite in our live shows, this is the first time it's been available in any physical format at all.

The two most recent O.R.k. albums (Screamnasium and Ramagehead) have had a much higher profile than the first two, so I know this album slipped under a number of radars in 2015, but despite Inflamed Rides getting a fairly limited release, it was very well received, I am posting below a few reviews that came out at the time:

As well as a new mix and master, the new Inflamed Rides also comes in a very fetching blue vinyl. Available here: 

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