Monday 26 December 2022

New Interview with Innerviews (Anil Prasad)

Out now is a lengthy and in depth conversation/interview with Anil Prasad, on his long running Innerviews website.

Mostly focussed on my recent activity with O.R.k., Fractal Sextet, Endless Tapes and also the Ukrainian connection.

Friday 9 December 2022

Lisa's War Diary - The First Week (Edit)

Jon Durant, Inna Kovtun and myself have created an audio backdrop to complement a spoken word diary, originally written by Kyiv resident and street photographer Lisa Bukreyeva, documenting her thoughts and feelings during the first 130 days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Throughout the diary, Lisa describes the inescapable reality of the current conflict.

The diary is narrated by Nisha Pannu, whose northern English diction actually doesn't feel out of place in bringing the translation to life from the original text.

Lisa's War Diary is part of a wider exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian photographers put together by a very old friend of mine, Stuart Roy Clarke, and which has been running at the Rheged Centre in Penhills in the English Lake District for several months now and is scheduled to run until January 8th 2023.

The images on the trailer above, (which is the first week or so of the diary, the full thing being around half an hour long), range from documentary images to more abstract artistic photographs, and are all taken from the exhibition, high quality prints are also available to order with all profits going directly to the photographers involved.

Future plans include moving the exhibition to other parts of the UK and possibly the USA (currently under discussion) and also a possible book format for the imagery. For now I'd just like to share the trailer, and encourage anyone who is able to, to go and see the exhibition in real life. 

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