Friday 18 October 2019

Endless Tapes EP and "Brilliant Waves"

My collaboration with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Pedretti, (as Endless Tapes) from a little while back, is now available on my Bandcamp page:

Endless Tapes E.P.

Brilliant Waves:

NB. For those who prefer physical media please go here:

There's a couple of videos also on my YouTube channel, this first one for "Terminal 1" involved filming over am enjoyable but freezing cold weekend in Basel.....amazing work from Danilo Di Prizio, who filmed and conceived the while thing.

Petulia Mattioli did a great job on the video for Punto "Di Vista Differente", thankfully it didn't involve me getting frozen again...
Petulia has also designed a lot album covers including quite a few I've been involved in: Obake, Metallic Taste of Blood and Guadi's most recent "Magnetic"

Wednesday 9 October 2019

O.R.k. 2020 dates with S.O.A.D

Something to look forward to - O.R.k. will be opening for System of a Down for some European dates next year.....more live gigs to follow for sure.

Sunday 6 October 2019

Pre-Orders - Edwin/Durant/Kovtun

Inna Kovtun

Below is the first full length track available as a preview from my forthcoming album with Jon Durant and Inna Kovtun.


Entitled "Harvest", (Жнивна)  this tune is based on an old Ukrainian folk melody, and also features a great performance from Robert Gualdi on drums and Ukrainian wind instruments courtesy of Levgen Zharinov

Please follow the link in the player above to pre-order the digital version via Bandcamp, here.

There is a pre-order option for CD's on the links below.

The artist friendly Burning Shed:

If you prefer, the less artist friendly option:



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