Thursday 9 June 2016

Hard World - Sale this Weekend

"Hard World" was started by myself and fellow Ex-Wise Head, Geoff Leigh, in order to re-release the first Ex-Wise Heads album "No Grey Matter" in 2002, it's been an on and off thing since then, but as time and budgets allow, we have put out most of the Ex-Wise Heads material, two albums by Mirage (Geoff Leigh and Cathy Williams), my two solo albums, guitarist Rajan Spolia's "More than Words", the Endless Tapes material and most recently the O.R.k. album "Inflamed Rides".

The story isn't over yet, and I am glad to say there are a few more things in the pipeline too…..

In the meantime, this weekend sees a "flash sale" with discounts across all the following Hard World releases at burning shed, please click on the titles below for more information:

Solo Work

Ex Wise Heads Downloads