Tuesday 15 July 2014

Burnt Belief II - Etymology, Cover Image

See above, cover image (photo by Jon Durant) for Burnt Belief's second album, Etymology, which is due in October on Alchemy.

I think it's a logical development and evolution from our first album, more details and audio samples to follow…

Read more about the first album here and here.


Tuesday 8 July 2014

Random Noise Generator

It's been 10 years since the Random Noise Generator album, and it's something I still regularly get asked about.

We had a really good time making the album, although in retrospect perhaps the fun element of our hanging out and just enjoying ourselves together is the reason why, despite recording a (so far unreleased) follow up album, hours of playing together and developing the music didn't get much further.

It often seems to me that "messing about", without any thought of a goal or an end result, can sometimes be a really beneficial process, the journey being more important than the destination and all that.
Whilst working with RNG, I certainly refined a few ideas in my approach to the bass, and looked to do things that were outside of my regular playing style at the time, such as extreme down tuning, blending different distortion effects, use of a pick etc, all things that I've now assimilated into my normal approach if the situation calls for it.
Moreover, simply jamming for hours at high volumes in our small studio space on a regular basis was something I really looked forward to.
The low budget, self produced recording process was a great learning curve involving a lot of limitations that we needed to work around, and we also experimented with a lot of remix ideas too, although there's only one which made it to release as a bonus track on the CD:

I am not really one for the rearview mirror, but  recently, listening to the album again after a long time without even thinking about it, led me to reconnect with RJ (RNG vocalist) and we've been working together on some of my instrumental pieces, in a completely different (ie. less metal) context to create some new, more song based material.

Very soon, I'll be uploading a few of these new tracks to my download page here:


…..hopefully a full album will appear at some point…

For now, if you are in the mood for it, Demeath still stands up pretty well 10 years later I think.



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