Friday 18 March 2022

Oy Yak Viydu - Guadi Remix

Very happy to present this exclusive remix by dubmaster GAUDI of the track “Oy Yak Viydu” (…meaning 'I Will Go Out' in Ukrainian), out now in aid of the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. 100% of all the profits from this remix, and all other releases on the page will be going towards desperately needed humanitarian aid resulting from the ongoing crisis and tragic situation in Ukraine. ‘Oy Yak Vidyu' was originally released on the eponymous “EDK” album from Ukrainian vocalist Inna Kovtun, yours truly (UK) and Jon Durant (USA), a full length album featuring reimagined reworkings from a selection of traditional Ukrainian folk songs. Gaudi skilfully demonstrated his affinity and appreciation for Ukrainian music, having previously remixed legendary Ukrainian folk quartet Dakhabrakha, so we are delighted to have his unique touch to bring out a completely different angle to 'Oy Yak Viydu'. A positive and uplifting take on the original to bring some light in these dark times. Thank you Gaudi and thank you everyone who kindly buys this song. ❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Please share, download, and donate if you can.

Friday 4 March 2022

Bandcamp Appeal Update

It's still Bandcamp Friday, so still time for donations to have maximum effect, but just to say that the page will be here for the long haul, as Jon Durant and I have a few more tracks we previously recorded with Inna Kovtun, and we'll be posting some up in the future, so we'll be continuing to raise funds for the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal for as long as we can. If you can't donate, then please download, and help Ukrainian (...or at least, our take on it!) music reach new ears. Make no mistake, Putin's war is also a war on Ukrainian culture, alongside the terrible devastation being done to civilian lives and infrastructure, cultural institutions, museums (see Maria Prymachenko), memorials (see Babi Yar), historical buildings and universities have all become targets, things to be erased and destroyed. Music is perhaps the most portable and durable cultural artifact, but I am sure Putin would like to erase Ukrainian music too. The Astarta/Edwin and EDK tracks are, for the most part, based around traditional folk forms and melodies, which have been passed through generations, long may they continue to be passed on..... Heartfelt thanks to all those who have donated so far! Approaching £500...!

Wednesday 2 March 2022

British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

I’ve decided to remove the two collaborative albums of Ukrainian “Collision Music” - Astarta/Edwin (the original album and the remix album “Outages”) from my Bandcamp page.

In an attempt to help the relief efforts these releases (and others forthcoming.…) will be available on a new Bandcamp page set up specifically to raise funds for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal here:

As well as raising funds, I think it important that Ukrainian music, perhaps lesser known outside the country, is able to reach as many people as possible, to present an example of something positive from Ukraine, and to let the wider world know that Ukrainians posses a distinct and rich culture of their own, so therefore everything will be available on a “pay as you like” basis, and will remain so, but I would like to encourage everyone who can, to please make a donation to aid the humanitarian efforts.

The war in Ukraine is destroying the lives of many people, and the musicians I’ve made these recordings with have had their lives upended along with many of their compatriots, please share, tweet, download, donate…..

Small reminder, this Friday is “Bandcamp Friday”, where Bandcamp waive their usual cut from sales, so the maximum amount of donation can be passed on.

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