Thursday 6 January 2022

Burnt Belief Sampler- Traces

It’s been gratifying for Jon Durant and I to get such a good reception to our most recent Burnt Belief album “Mutual Isolation”, which was released late last year. We’ve decided to drop a selection of tracks from across our 4 albums as a kind of introduction to Burnt Belief for any one who’d like to dip an ear into the albums but isn’t sure where to start, or anyone who’s maybe picked up “Mutual Isolation” and would like to go back a bit further into the Burnt Belief catalogue. 
 As well as one track from each album, you’ll also find the track “Charlatan”, which was a previously hidden digital only bonus track from 2014’s Etymomolgy. 
 Jon has provided his thoughts about the tracks below: 

 Charlatan: This super cool ethno dub electronica vibe was originally done for the Etymology album but was left off as the album was already too long. Lots of cool e-bow work, ring modulator, and a big melody which was doubled with midi guitar playing a mini moog. I always greatly enjoyed the piece and I’ve been sorry that it wasn’t available except as a bonus track.
 Chimera: This might be my personal favorite of the tracks on Etymology. The groove set up by Colin’s slicing of my clouds is immediately compelling, and when coupled with the Crimso-minimalist guitar bits take it into a whole other zone. But my favorite elements are the rhythmic e-bow bits (played by bouncing the ebow on the strings rather than just holding it in place) and the prepared piano noises in the middle section. The solo, played with e-bow, is also a highlight. 
 Impossible Senses: A fun, ethno-fusion romp with wonderful percussion from Jerry Leake. This one also has mini moog played on midi guitar. A fun accident happened on the solo—my shirtsleeve had been rolled up and came unrolled while I was playing. It draped over the string in just the right place to create an artificial harmonic at the end of a phrase. 
 Emergent: The title track from our third album has always struck me as being one of the best examples of what it is that Burnt Belief is about. Ethnic elements, prog elements, fusion elements, and extraordinary textures and sounds. This was the first piece I wrote when I had ordered my fretless guitar (but hadn’t yet received it). I knew how the instrument would be used well before I got it! The breathy synth is played on midi guitar. 
 Expanse: This was the track that got us started making Mutual Isolation. It was a follow on from the concept behind my solo album ”Soul of a River” where I ran a digital piano through my guitar rig to create a different sort of atmosphere from how I’d normally been working. But I wanted to add more to it, and approached Colin with it. His wonderful phrases on upright immediately grabbed me and I knew we were on our way to something special. On each of the BB albums, there’s a piece that’s primarily based on atmospherics and this one for me represents the best of them all. 

 “Charlatan” “Chimera” and “Emergent” feature Vinny Sabatino on drums and “Impossible Senses” has the masterful Jerry Leake adding rhythmic depth on various ethnic percussions. Available on a pay as you like basis here: 
 Best, Colin

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