Monday 15 December 2014

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Studio Bass Day - January 18th Ananda Studios

Myself and my good friend and fellow bassist Martin Elliott will be teaming up for a one off Studio Bass Masterclass at Ananda Studios in Cambridge on January 18th 2015.

Martin Elliott

Ananda Studios have hosted some similar events before focussing on guitar and drums, but the idea is to present, in an intimate studio environment, some solid advice, ideas and also to answer questions that will hopefully enlighten, not just bass players but also recording engineers and producers about all the options involved in recording the bass and creating bass parts.

Between the two of us, myself and Martin, whose career has encompassed everything from gigs and sessions with composer Michael Nyman, albums with Gary Numan, numerous West End Musicals as pit musician, as well as the more  "traditional" type session work (orchestral scores, film soundtracks and pop bands), we have had a really diverse range of recording session experiences between us, so we're ideally placed to cover a wide spectrum of questions about how to get the best out of your studio time, your bass and your recording set-up.

It'll be very much a hands-on bass recording workshop covering subjects like:

Tone: how different basses, or different tones from a bass, sit in the mix.

Muting and getting a clean sound.

Reading notes/following a chart.  Chord charts vs notation.

Use of effects, order of effects, and blending effects.

Post processing, use of plug-ins and editing.

Aural skills.

Being consistent and focusing your concentration.

Listening and making creative decisions. Offering opinions and developing judgement.

Creativity, creating basslines and playing appropriately for the setting.

Timing, rhythmic awareness and use of space.

Playing fills.

Common problems, what to watch out for.

..and of course, whatever else the day throws up!

There will inevitably be some discussion about equipment as well, so there will be some information about and also an opportunity to check out some of the tools I use with assistance from EBS, D'Addario and Spector UK and also IK Multimedia.

More details and bios are on the press link below:

Other links, you can see the studio website here , Martin Elliott has his own website at:, and for anyone unfamiliar, my own website is located at

Lastly, of course places are very limited, so booking early is advisable, please contact 



Monday 1 December 2014

Obake - December European Dates

See below, trailer for a series of Central European Obake gigs, taking in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, kicking off next week in Kufstein.

More dates are in the works for 2015, check the dates here as they are confirmed, and you can also follow the band on twitter @obakemusic.

The new album, "Mutations" (available on CD, vinyl and all the usual download formats) has been getting some great reviews too, you can read a selection below:

The Quietus



Echte Leute

Metal Italia

Echoes and Dust

Angry Metal Guy

The Sleeping Shaman


Sentire Ascoltare

Queens of Steel

You can also read my previous blog posts here and here

Line-up will be Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari on Vocals, Eraldo Bernocchi on Guitar, Yours truly on bass and Jacopo Pierazzuoli (from Morkobot) on drums.



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