Tuesday 29 August 2023

Bye Bye Blogger

 I'm moving from here to Substack from now on. 

Please come and join me, I am planning a paid tier for some extra content, but all subscribers welcome of course: 


Monday 28 August 2023

O.R.k - DEADLY BITE feat Michaela Naydenova (taken from Screamnasium)

Latest video from O.R.k.  and a few words about Micheala Naydenova.

We’re very happy to announce that O.R.k. will be appearing at the 2Days Prog + 1 Festival in Novara, Italy on September 1st.

In order to make O.R.k. live appearances and tours happen, we have previously always managed to juggle logistics, conflicting schedules and the geographical distances between all four O.R.k. members,  but on this occasion we realised that due to his TU-NER commitments, Pat Mastelotto will be unable to take his usual place with us.

We are very fortunate to be able to confirm that the highly talented drummer Micheala Naydenova (Nervosa) will be filling in for Pat for this date.

Friday 11 August 2023

Inna Kovtun - "Burning Fires"

Today sees a new release from the marvellous Inna Kovtun, the"K" in EDK and part of the Astarta/Edwin collision collective.
I am on both Upright and Electric Bass, Jon Durant is on guitars and Fractal Sextet's Fabio Anile has created a fantastic string arrangement for a stunning new interpretation of "Kolisanka" which appeared on the Astarta/Edwin album a few years back. Peter Chilvers appears on the track "Always Autumn".

Saturday 5 August 2023

Night Spaces

For anyone who has been following my latest series of weekly releases on Bandcamp, everything from the last couple of months is now up and available as a collection entitled "Night Spaces". The 10 tracks all lean heavily into dub territory, a longstanding but lesser explored influence of mine, and for the most part everything is completely solo, except Reuben Balch who appears on alto sax on "Red As A Cold Star" and David Kollar who contributes some of his tasty leftfield guitarisms to "Satori" "Always the Rain" and also "Red As A Cold Star". Click here to listen - https://music.colinedwin.co.uk/album/night-spaces Also, for the next week, 20% off anything on my Bandcamp page if you enter the code abductee at checkout.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Red As A Cold Star

I've been meaning to write a response to the question, "What's the story behind this week's track?" - referring to the Bandcamp only "Red As A Cold Star"
(https://music.colinedwin.co.uk/track/red-as-a-cold-star) - forgive the link, the embed code for the Bandcamp player seems to be uncooperative. I am sure the birth of this particular track was among a number of intial ideas I came up with to accompany a sculpture installation based around the theme of underground landscapes, caves, stones and rocks. The overall atmosphere that needed to come across was the feeling of "Deep Time" - time in the geological sense and that which our short human life spans can barely comprehend. "Deep Time" can be imagined when you take the opportunity to look up at the stars on a clear night, their light takes so long to reach us, that we are quite literally looking into the distant past and seeing them as they were millions or billions of years ago. The oldest stars, being cooler, glow with a red light than the younger, hotter stars which appear blue. I was cross referencing this idea of red stars in my mind with the many ancient red hand prints found in caves once used by Prehistoric people, or in rock art by indigenous people in many different parts of the world. Why are they most often red? The image in the artwork for Red as A Cold Star is a photo I took in the Margate Shell Grotto. One of the most myterious places in the U.K. - no one knows for sure when it was created or for what purpose....itself a message from deep time perhaps? Maybe not geologically deep time, but generations old for sure. Red As A Cold Star will disappear from my bandcamp page this Friday, to be replaced by something as yet unreleased.....so grab it now if it grabs you. Credits: Colin Edwin - Double Bass, Programming, Drones etc Reuben Balch - Alto Saxophone David Kollar - Guitars

Friday 2 June 2023


Finally something new. "Snorkel" is the first of another set of weekly tracks which will be replaced each week by something new. This is another "pay as you like" pricing model, and this and those forthcoming may or may not appear as a collection at some point.
Inspired by what you see on the cover, some part of the remains of a burnt out petrol station which I came across in Australia some time ago, and which resembled some kind of primitive bathyscaphe.


Thursday 18 May 2023

O.R.k. - Some Other Rainbow Parts 1 & 2: BlistyKCam Road Movie Version

Please enjoy this montage of various videos taken by Pat Mastelotto on the recent O.R.k. European tour, and set to the sound of "Some Other Rainbow" from our third album Ramagehead.

Lots of mileage, lots of late night checking into hotels with patience testing machines instead of receptionists, some truly great scenery, truckstops, motorway servos, a few out of the way excursions some truly memorable gigs and lots of new energy.....

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