Friday 6 August 2021

Bandcamp Friday

 Part deck (hard drive) clearing exercise, part creativity drive, starting this week, and for at least the next seven weeks (maybe longer), I’ll be releasing a completely new track on Bandcamp every Friday, offered on pay as you like basis.

So please check in below:

Each piece will be available for only one week, before being replaced by another. At some unspecified point in the future all are likely to resurface as a collection, or perhaps not, as I may change my mind after all. 

I hesitate to say “album” instead of collection, since these are all things that I have developed at different times, without any over arching conceptual ideas or any particular direction.

This week’s offering is called “Meatspace” which for anyone unfamiliar, is the term used to describe the “real world” as opposed to the online world of “cyberspace”, somewhere perhaps we are all returning to all little bit more perhaps……I certainly hope so.



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