Wednesday 29 February 2012

Positive Message

The above is the text in Thai, read by Mr Ton Suwaphanit, a Thai gentleman I had the good fortune to meet, on the track "Filled With Colour" from my latest solo album "PVZ"

Below is a translation:

“You stand and view the road behind you with its many turns and bends. You look at the past and see the problems in your world. There has been good times and bad but I want you to forget the past and walk to your future. Think about your story and if you have a dream you need to try to achieve this. Fill the pictures in your dream with colour, it's not far to your fulfillment.”

It's such a positive message I wanted to use it to balance the darkness of the themes across the other tracks in "PVZ", and given all the bad news we all ingest daily, I thought I'd share it here too...



PS some of the Limited Edition USB stick versions of "PVZ" are still up at burning shed, click here to get one....

Monday 27 February 2012


Click here to read an interview I did with Adam Phillips of Bass Players United.



Monday 20 February 2012

"PVZ" now available.

I am glad to say my latest full length solo album "PVZ" is now available from burning shed .

It was my original intention to release "PVZ" as a download only, however, I decided to have a limited edition physical version available for those who, like me, prefer to have something they can touch.

I have opted for a USB key, see below:

The USB key is limited to 300 numbered copies, containing both FLAC and mp3 versions of the album, as well as printable artwork (designed by Carl Glover) for those who might like to create their own CD. The first 100 or so orders of the USB keys will come with 4 bonus tracks in mp3 format.

See my previous blog posts for the tracklisting, and some background information about the album.

You can hear a preview medley for a flavour of the album over on my soundcloud page:


All the Best,


Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Untrained Artist

Today, I was thrilled to receive the picture below, painted by my son (aged 4):

To me, it's vibrant, beautiful and mysterious.

I wonder if he's been influenced by Brion Gysin:

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