Thursday 26 December 2019

Endless Tape Loop

Experiment with an endless cassette tape loop a fretless bass and some FX:

Tuesday 17 December 2019

A Carol for the Boy

I was always told the secret to commercial success in the music biz was to do a Christmas (or maybe a football) song....not sure about that but I hope this gets you in the right mood for the season...wherever you are.
 A Christmas song from Ukraine, performed by "Kalyna" - Ukrainian Folk Ensemble - which also features Inna Kovtun on vocals. Jon Durant has crafted the musical accompaniment and I am on fretless bass....

Monday 9 December 2019

Friday 6 December 2019

Infinite Regress

I am duty bound to say a word or two about the new album, and I’ll start with admitting that it had been finished, and left unreleased, for quite some time. I had the release schedule all planned when it became necessary to hold it back for some reason or other, I think it may have been an O.R.k. album and tour needing priority,  and shortly after there was another Burnt Belief album, then the pressures of life and then, I am not too sure, but one thing after another and it slipped off my radar until eventually I realised it’d been well and truly shelved. 
So, finally there’s been a window where I’ve been able to give it my attention again, and I think the pause has been a blessing of sorts as I do feel the album is more relevant, and will hopefully resonate better with the outside world, at this time than it would have done before.

Despite the differing subject matter of the songs, there’s a unifying sense of confusion, uncertainty and anxiety that runs through the themes in the lyrical content, and as time has passed, these feelings seemed to have amplified, not just in my own mind, but in the world around all of us. The feeling that lots of things have been getting, not just a bit worse, but significantly so. 
I am pretty sure that we still have some way to go, unfortunately, before things (might) get any better. 

I am generally reluctant to say too much about specific ideas behind albums I am involved in, as I believe allowing the listener to find their own meaning is much more important, but I had wanted the album overall to have a certain “grainy” texture, a nocturnal, introspective atmosphere and to convey a general sense of misplaced and confused nostalgia, a bit like the feeling you might have whilst looking at a slightly blurred old photograph of something or someone from your past, but which doesn’t quite match your own memories. I think RJ has really bought these qualities to the fore with his lyrical contributions, and also his well considered guitar parts.

So, Infinite Regress in the Mirror City, a hauntologial landscape where there are no definite answers at the end of any promised rainbows. Uncertainty is the only certainty and errors, vagueness and all the shades of grey areas are to be explored much more thoroughly than the black and white.

Digital release across all the other platforms via Cargo Records.

For physical copies please see link below:

Lastly, I see Japanese metal band, “Defiled”, who probably couldn’t be much further musically speaking, have also named their upcoming album “Infinite Regress” and it’s due for release on the very same day as my album,….a synchronicity worth celebrating I feel, and completely in keeping somehow with the spirit behind this album.

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