Wednesday 29 March 2023

"Wonder Why" - O.R.k.

 “Wonder Why” offers a rare insight behind the O.R.k. creative process, being a previously unheard and undeveloped, raw version of O.R.k.’s atmospheric album closer “Someone Waits”.

The new album Screamnasium itself was birthed during the Covid19 lockdown period, with everyone in the band keeping their creative minds alive by working on the music together, passing files and ideas over the internet.

“Wonder Why” is also a near perfect example of a painful synchronicity. News of the death of Pat Mastelotto’s longtime friend and King Crimson bandmate Bill Rieflin broke just as Lef, who was completely unaware of Bill’s illness, sent Pat his improvised scratch vocal parts.

Along with the overall atmosphere of the piece, the vocal line “Goodbye my friend…” appeared to frame the moment in a very fitting, albeit unfortunate manner.

At times, uncertainty and loss go hand in hand and “Wonder Why",  pandemic conceived as it was, mirrors the circumstances surrounding its creation, but also highlights a timeless, reflective, and deeply resonant moment.

"Wonder Why" will only be available until the end of March 2023 on the following link, after that it'll be taken down and will disappear back into the archives:

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