Friday 22 January 2021

Eternal Return - "Once Only"

Back in Autumn 2019, I undertook a journey to Famous Gold Watch Studios in Berlin to record with Paul Godwin, Miguel Noya, (of Dogon Sound) drummer/Berlin resident Miguel Toro and the only other person I actually knew, Robert Jurjendal. The suggestion was to explore and create something new in a totally live setting, and also to give shape to some rough ideas originating from Paul and Miguel Noya.
Live recording is open to failure for any number of reasons, but self imposed limitations and the ability to capture spontaneous moments, can often result in a clearer focus for all involved, and I am glad to say the results have exceeded our expectations and will be coming to physical (and digital) life very soon. Cover Image Below:

Famous Gold Watch is an eccentrically decked out studio located underground in the bowels of what was once either a munitions factory, or a former Stasi prison, depending on who you ask. I found it a fitting place for some "between takes urban exploration" lots of rooms and corridors to wander about in and for the most part no-one else about, huge pipes and mysterious objects all over the place, neighbouring rooms either full of junk, or eerily empty. 
I am not sure if that seeped into the music, but the atmosphere of the building outside the good vibe of the studio space was certainly...odd.

Since the sessions, this recording has taken on a new meaning for me, not only as the pleasing results of a spontaneous expression of musical co-operation by very different musicians finding some common ground, but also because, sadly, creating something "live in studio" in a different country with an international group of people (Estonia/Germany/USA/Venezuela/UK) now seems like a distinctly unlikely prospect, at least for the immediate future...let's hope that changes soon.

Release date is February 23rd, Digital and CD Preorders can be found here:

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Happy New Year - "Novorichna"


Lockdown has given me the opportunity to delve into the past and rediscover a lot of material I'd forgotten or half finished. "Novorichna" falls into the former category, it was recorded as Astarta/Edwin  but left off the finished album as it really didn't fit, not surprsing really as it's a traditional New Year's Greeting song,  created in our "collision music" method.

 Note that this would refer to the Eastern Gregorian Orthodox New Year, so as of now,  I am not late in sharing it out with all the usual New Years wishes, add to that that 2020 has been so dire for most of us that the opportunity to say goodbye to it twice should perhaps be welcomed.

2021 has already got off to wild start,  so I thought it best to offer this as a free/pay what you like download to spread a little bit of extra positive the player above.

Happy  New Year to all.

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