Wednesday 30 December 2015

Endless Tapes pre-release streaming.

My first release of 2016, Endless Tapes "Brilliant Waves" is streaming for a limited time on Italian website Sound36, please click  here to read an interview (in Italian) and to hear the album in full.

Please note the release date of 4th January mentioned on Sound36 refers to the digital edition of "Brilliant Waves" , physical CD's will available on 15th Janury, and a pre-order link the for the physical release can be found here:



Monday 21 December 2015

Astarta/Edwin Christmas song….

A previously unreleased Astarta/Edwin track can be found on Ukrainian musician Eduard Prystupa's latest release "Gabriel's Message, an EP of seasonal songs.

I have to thank Eduard for getting me involved with Astarta in the first place, he also remains the only person ever to have given me a horse made from cheese…

Jon Durant joins in on guitar too.

Please check the links and see below for my thoughts in English:
Завтра – офіційний реліз міні-альбому Gabriel's Message. 
Про співпрацю з Ділею і дуетом AstartA розповідає британський прог-рок басист Colin Edwin, який долучився до роботи над EP: 
"Працюючи над треками для проекту Astarta/Edwin, я цілком свідомо уникав будь-якої прив'язки до змісту пісень. Українська мова лишається для мене суцільною таїною, тому увагу я фокусував на підтримці парного вокалу і намагався створювати обволікаюче звукове супроводження, яке б допомогло виставити вокал на перший план. 
Незважаючи на те, що я не розумів, про що йдеться у піснях, у деяких випадках, слухаючи вокальні партії, я цілком чітко відчував атмосферу треку. І кращим взірцем є "Різдвяна", яка абсолютно не приховує своєї святковості – я одразу відчув атмосферу Різдвяних свят і Нового року. Навіть незважаючи на те, що традиції святкування у наших країнах різні. 
Тому я розпочав трек дзвіночками. Так, звичайно, це кліше. Але й абсолютним кліше є твердження, що музика – це універсальна мова. Хоча водночас це так і є". 

ПРЕМ’ЄРА: Діля – Gabriel’s Message [міні-альбом]
Щиро вдячні усім, хто доклав свій талант до його створення – від невідомих нам прадавніх українців і баскійців до знаного британця Коліна Едвіна і вельмишановного американця Джона Дюрана (send special thanks to Colin Edwin and Jon Durant). А також вдячні усім тим, хто цей міні-альбом слухатиме. 
На відео – особистий message від Ділі до кожного з вас smile emoticon
Слухати і придбати реліз:
Google Play:

Whilst working on the Astarta/Edwin material, I purposely stayed away from attempting any sort of interpretation of the lyrics, instead remaining in wilful ignorance of the actual lyrical content. The Ukrainian language remains a mystery to me, so my focus was always on supporting the twin vocals and trying to create a sympathetic musical content to wrap around and highlight them. However, in a few cases, on hearing the vocals, the meaning, if not the exact words was very clear to me, the best example of this is probably "Rizdvyana", which has an undeniably "festive" atmosphere. Even without any musical accompaniment, and despite the obvious differences between how we might celebrate the season, the bare voices made me think immediately of the atmosphere around Christmas and New Year....
For that reason, starting the track off with the sound of a bell was an obvious choice, it's a cliche of course, but it's also a cliche to say that music is a universal language, and at the same time, it's absolutely true.
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All the best of the season,

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Endless Tapes - "Terminal_1" Video

Video for the Endless Tapes track "Terminal 1" (taken from the forthcoming album "Brilliant Waves") by guitarist, photographer and all round creative powerhouse Danilo Di Prizio:

"Brilliant Waves" is set for release on January 15th 2016 and can be pre-ordered from this link:



Tuesday 24 November 2015

Endless Tapes - "Brilliant Waves"

Cover Image for Endless Tapes "Brilliant Waves" due in January 2016.

"Brilliant Waves" is now available for pre-order on this link, with worldwide distribution via Cargo.

This is our first full length album, following on from the EP we made together in 2013.
The Endless Tapes EP - as well as the most recent Ex-Wise Heads album "Schemata", is currently on offer as part of the burning shed Winter sale:

"Brilliant Waves" Tracklisting:

1.Brilliant Waves (8.06)
2. Terminal 1 (2.48)
3. Il Guardiano (5.51)
4.Saturn (5.05)
5. Bass Collapse (3.58)
6.Possible Mission (5.44)
7. Private (5.00)
8. Last Days (6.20)

I'll be previewing some audio soon, and a brand new video, but in the meantime, here's a live version of Terminal 2, originally taken from our EP:

Saturday 17 October 2015

Sicily Redscale with Fisheye 2

The sun was shining brightly last weekend in Sicily, which made ideal conditions for some outside photos with my redscale film equipped Fisheye 2

I had a great time with Eraldo Bernocchi, Raiz, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and Jacopo Peirazzuoli playing versions of the Ashes material, with a few Almamegretta tunes thrown in too…..there may be more…for anyone unfamiliar, start here:

Thursday 15 October 2015

O.R.k. Live 2016 - London Date Confirmed.

In support of "Inflamed Rides" O.R.k. will be touring Europe in early 2016, I will be announcing the full schedule in due course, but for now please see the poster for the forthcoming London date.

Click here for tickets.

FB event page can be found here.

..more details soon…..

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Spector NS 4H2 MM USA fretless.

Since I received it a few years ago, my Spector USA fretless, has become a firm favourite.
Comfortable, reliable, expressive and tonally flexible, I have used it in a variety of different contexts, always with great results.

EMG Pick ups

High Gloss Cherry finish.

Like most of my basses, it's fitted with a Hipshot D- Tuner

Distinctive Spector Headstock with Logo.

I've recorded and gigged a lot with this instrument over the last few years, below some examples, starting with Twinscapes,:

With O.R.k.

A track with Tim Bowness:

With Jon Durant:

Herd of Instinct:

With Astarta/Edwin:

Tuesday 1 September 2015

O.R.k. - "Inflamed Rides" October release

The official release of "Inflamed Rides" is set for October the 2nd via Cargo Distribution.

Burning Shed are also running a pre-order of the CD here:

You will find digital pre-order links below:


Please also check out "Funfair"

Below a selection of press, with some album reviews and interviews:à-ottobre

Live dates in Europe are being organised for February 2016, please follow the FB and Twitter pages for more info.



Thursday 27 August 2015

"Chornomorets" - Outtake

The Astarta/Edwin album is finally finished, mixed and mastered and I am presently awaiting a firm release date from the label.

In the meantime, see below, "Chornomorets" a tune which hasn't made the final track listing.

Left off for reasons of album sequencing rather than quality, as always, great vocal performances from Inna Kovtun and Yulia Malyarenko, and Jon Durant joins us with some extremely lyrical guitar playing, please enjoy:



Wednesday 5 August 2015

Tim Bowness Live dates.

I'll be joining Andrew Booker (drums) Mike Bearpark (guitar) and Stephen Bennett (keyboards) playing a new set of Tim Bowness material live at the dates below:

Click here for tickets for the UK dates (via burning shed), alternatively tickets can be bought direct from the venues using the links below:

Louisiana, London:

Boston Music Room, Bristol:

Band on the Wall, Manchester:

Rehearsals start very soon, for a taste of the new material here's "Press Reset" from Tim's new  album "Stupid Things that Mean the World"

Sunday 26 July 2015

Tools part 6 - Ovation Magnum II

I get a lot of use out of this unusual late '70's designed Magnum II bass from Ovation.
Featuring a highly distinctive body shape, a thumb rest, unique bridge design and a rarely seen approach to active pick-ups, these instruments were replaced by the later Magnum III and IV before being discontinued.
It's a comfortable, but solid (heavy) piece of wood, also with a longer than usual scale length, which meant initially sourcing strings with windings that went past the nut was a little tricky, but I have settled on D'Addario ECB81 XL Chrome flatwounds.

It's capable of some grinding rock sounds, but it's appeal for me is either for thick rubbery dub type bass, or, with the foam mute in place, played pick style (sometimes in conjunction with a delay pedal) for a retro bass sound that my other, more modern instruments can't get close to.
I also sometimes use an Ovation Magnum I, which is the passive version of the same bass, you can read more on the differences between the two on this original Ovation manual.

Two pick-ups, and foam mute.

Close up of the tone/volume controls and pick up selector.

Neck pick up aka "Mudbucker"

Backplate showing serial number.

You can hear this bass in the dub section (an excerpt from the title track) in the middle of the above sampler of the new Metallic Taste of Blood album "Doctoring the Dead".

Also on  "Mesh":

It's very prominent on the title track of the new Tim Bowness album "Stupid Things that Mean the World" too.

Thursday 16 July 2015


Thursday 9 July 2015

O.R.k. - Update.

Just re-posting below a bit of info from

The Musicraiser campaign for "Inflamed Rides" has now finished, and all pre-orderers should now either have access to their digital versions, or be waiting for their CD's.

The good news is that we are preparing a more general release of "Inflamed Rides" through Cargo distribution, so, on October 2nd, it will be available through the more usual outlets, digital pre-orders can be made now through Amazonitunes, please check your local record store too…if you still have one.
Burning Shed CD pre-order can be accessed here

More details on all this in the very near future….the ride continues….

Sunday 5 July 2015

Tools Part 5 - Stealth Bongo

See above, my Musicman Stealth Bongo.
When I had the chance to try them, I always liked playing Musicman basses, and whilst searching around for a replacement for my Wal, which (thanks to some negative airline experiences), I temporarily retired from  service, I briefly used a very nice natural wood Stingray for a tour or two. However, I much preferred the Bongo as soon as I tried one, it felt more comfortable to play, flexible, expressive and with a very pleasing even response.
I was surprised, in a good way, by the very clearly defined low end, a lot more of it than you might expect, given it's actually quite light.  The tonal possibilities make it a very good all round instrument, and I have experimented with different string types from time to time, switching back and forth between round and flatwounds, currently I'm back to using round wounds.
I was lucky enough to get this bass direct from Ernie Ball and along with the simple black "Stealth" colour finish, I opted for dual humbuckers.

Two tone split controls, giving a 4 band EQ, pick up balance and volume control pots.

Bridge close up.

Distinctive 3 + 1 Musicman Headstock

 I believe the design team from BMW were involved in designing the stylistic aspects such as the body and headstock shape, it's certainly a different take on the bass guitar, "marmite" perhaps…..but I like it.

You can see this particular bass getting a workout on the Porcupine Tree "Arriving" Live DVD:

As well as a few other tracks here:

 More recently, I have used a (borrowed) fretless Stealth Bongo live with Burnt Belief:

Friday 26 June 2015

O.R.k. - Last Chance for Pre-Order.

Now approaching the end of the pre-order period for the debut O.R.k. album "Inflamed Rides".

Very pleased to report that "Inflamed Rides" is now at the manufacturing stage and we are on course to have the CD's shipped out to all pre-orderers in early to mid July.

For anyone unfamiliar, a little background on O.R.k.  can be found by clicking here to read an interview with Pat Mastelotto, Lef and myself on The Musical Melting Pot.

Our winning "Jellyfish" remix was Coldlight's "The Insignificant" which will be included as a bonus track on the CD:

We also decided to have Unungordium's "Manipulation" as an extra on the digital version of the album:

A select few journalists have been given access to the full album, and there below are some links to some early reviews:

The Musical Melting Pot
Grind on the Road

At time of writing there are still a few days left to grab Inflamed Rides on Musicraiser, but this by no means the end, more activity is planned so please keep an eye on (and the FB page) for any updates.

(Edit: official release of "Inflamed Rides" will now be October 2nd through Cargo Distribution, please see for updates)

Digital pre-orders can be made here:




Wednesday 24 June 2015

Twinscapes Live in Portugal

Poster for upcoming Twinscapes Show in Lisbon as part of the Jazz im Goethe Garten series of gigs.
Lorenzo Feliciati and myself once again with drummer Roberto Gualdi.
More information here

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Guest Spots

A couple of recent Guest Spots.
I have contributed fretless bass to the title track of Chilean guitarist Javier Sepulveda's ambitious "Pulse of Nature" project, you can hear below an edited version:

And secondly, Atlanta-based guitarist Jared Leach's Ghost Medicine, below " the track Desert Spring" A full length album is completed and should be out sometime later this year.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Tim Bowness - Stupid Things That Mean the World

I have contributed upright and both fretted and fretless electric bass (and some ebow textures as well) to various tracks on Tim Bowness's forthcoming album "Stupid Things That Mean the World" and below you can hear "Great Electric Teenage Dream", which is the first track from the album to be made public:

I will be joining Tim,  Mike Bearpark (Guitar), Andrew Booker (drums) and Stephen Bennett (Keys) for some upcoming gigs, the first one confirmed so far is in Poland at the end of August, see poster below:



Monday 8 June 2015

The Sun is New Each Day

At the invitation of self confessed "Nerd Composer" Paolo Fosso, I have contributed bass parts to the new album by Armonite entitled the 'Sun is New Each Day'.
Also featured are violinist Jacopo Bigi and drummer Jasper Barendregt.

See the website for more details:



Friday 5 June 2015

One for the Bass Players

Thanks to Adam Phillips of Bass Players United for sending the new iPad (and Android apparently) friendly magazine app my way, and also for featuring Burnt Belief's Etymology in their first issue:

Lots of other good content too…and this first issue is free...

Click here to find out more.



Sunday 31 May 2015

Basses Part 4 - Rob Allen Fretless

Shown above is my only five string, a fretless Rob Allen MB-2.
I first became aware of Rob Allen basses on a visit to the bass department of Rudy's in New York City some years ago.
I was extremely close to laying out for a very nice four string version, when a moment of realisation struck me that, at that point, I simply didn't have the money.
These basses are not mass produced so sometimes a little hard to find, and subsequent "cashed up" visits to Rudy's and also Bass Northwest,  in Seattle (the only other place that seemed to stock them) left me with the choice of either five strings, lined fretboards or fretted versions, and not the unlined 4 string fretless that I was really after.
Eventually, after some searching, I bought this five string second hand in the UK, and realising the rarity of them, I was happy to forego my usual preference for four strings.
I have no idea why it never occurred to me to simply get one direct from the source….but in any case it's proved useful for me to have the low B on occasion.

A 35" inch scale.

 I am using the recommended LaBella strings.
Piezo pick up is located under the bridge, the only control is the volume pot.

The sound is somewhere closer to an upright bass than most fretless basses, I guess because of the semi hollow body construction, and even with such a simplistic control, it's an extremely expressive instrument, responding sonically to changes in touch and plucking position.

It's also a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, and a real joy to play.
I have made a lot of use of this bass with Ex-Wise Heads, especially on the more recent material, and it can be heard on these tracks below:

More to follow,


Solo Work

Ex Wise Heads Downloads