Sunday 19 June 2022

O.R.k. - "As I Leave"


Cover image for "As I Leave" - the first single (or focus track, or whatever else they are known as these days) to be taken from the upcoming O.R.k. album will be out on June 22nd.

“As I Leave” is an ambiguous contemplation on the inexplicable reasons for close personal bonds and human connections. It’s a song for anyone who ever desired deeper connections with another, but in some puzzling way, just couldn’t make it work. The profoundest differences are rarely geographical, as most of us have discovered over the last few years.  There’s often unknowable reasons under the surface, did your blow your chance? … or did your dreams just get old?

"As I Leave" will be accompanied by a video, soon to be found on the O.R.k. youtube channel here:

Presave link for the track here:

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