Saturday 28 May 2022

O.R.k. - New Album

With all the chaos, confusion and downright bad stuff that's happened the in last few years, O.R.k. may well have slipped under your radar. In common with the majority of musicians, we've had tours, recordings, releases and activities cancelled and curtailed. But, moving on, we're on track for album four release later this year... In the meantime, here's where the story started, "Pyre" - on the strength of this video, a whole bunch of people put their faith in us and crowdfunded our first album "Inflamed Rides" , something for which I'll be forever grateful, despite the somewhat taxing process crowdfunding turned out to be. I am also pleased to say "Inflamed Rides" has been freshly remixed and remastered and will also be out later this year....but for now, if you feel like you want to burn one down...:

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