Friday 26 September 2014

Wayward Basses Night in London in November

See below, the poster for the "Wayward Basses" evening coming up in November.

I first became aware of Kev Hopper's unique, quirky and engaging bass style through his work with the band Stump in the '80's. It's amazing to me that I first saw them on TV's "The Tube", you can knock the 1980's all you like (deservedly so at times for sure), but at least then, odd, unusual bands and artists could get sometimes get through the mire of tacky commercial pop and be seen on mainstream TV, I can't think of any equivalent today.

I've followed Kev's post Stump output, and his music is always really original, offbeat, fun and inspiring, especially the album "Spoombung" which, as well as being a really adventurous listen, shows off some great sonic possibilities of the bass guitar.

Kev will be playing with his great new trio called Prescott,  featuring drummer Frank Byng (of Snorkel, another band well worth checking out)  and polymath keyboard player Rhodri Marsden.

Solo bass experimentalist, serial collaborator and looping expert Steve Lawson will also be playing a set. To pick a random example of his work, this version of REM's "Orange Crush" below illustrates Steve's ability to really develop and expand a familiar theme into something completely new and engrossing:

....he's incredibly prolific, so a trip to his website is going to be more up to date than anything I can say.

A Facebook Event page for the gig can be found here:

….and Ticket information can be found here:

…...and you can read more about the gig on the Bass Guitar Magazine website if you click here.

…..all set for a great night. I am really looking forward to it.



PS Twinscapes will also be playing London's Match and Fuse Festival on October 4th, please see my previous post here.

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