Saturday 7 September 2013

Cassette Store Day.

Today being International Cassette Store Day, it' s a good excuse to shamelessy plug again my most recent release, the "Endless Tapes" EP which is of course available as CD+ cassette bundle from here.

And once again., for anyone that missed it, I can share Petulia Mattioli's marvellous video for one of the tracks over on my youtube channel:

I was certainly a major user/consumer of cassettes for many years, and also spent many hours recording onto a four track cassette recorder, just like this one.

Here's an Endless Tape Loop playing on my old MT120.

As an aside I'd also like to share two books about music I've really enjoyed reading recently,

Simon Reynolds Retromania, (which also has fitting image of a cassette on the cover) and Greg Milner's Perfecting Sound Forever, which is an entertaining read about the history of recorded music and is well worth checking out, especially the section about the testing of mp'3s on listeners.



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