Friday 23 November 2012


I was interested to read that Lomography made it to the BBC Magazine. I've been hooked on it for years.

The whole retro thread in our current culture is quite interesting to me. For a good example check out this Toaster, the blurb even says it "evokes the glamour of 1950's Italy"
Was Italy glamourous in the 1950's? I have no idea.

Anyway, I am thinking of undertaking a project involving making lomographic double exposure photos of things which rhyme, like this one below:

 ("Flower" and "Tower" of course)



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  1. Hey! You should totally go ahead with that idea. You can even try to rhyme abstract concepts instead of objects.
    Agree on retro looks, those colours remind me of album covers that could easily do with any band from the 70s.
    Keep incursioning into photography! :D


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