Monday 12 November 2012

Lo-Fi Resistance - Chalk Lines

Another release I've been involved in earlier this year that is finally being made available is Lo-Fi Resistance's "Chalk Lines"
Lo-Fi Resistance is the "nom de guerre" of New York based Randy McStine. 
Randy's compositions are not only full of great ideas, but he also knows how to develop them into fully fledged, absorbing, emotive songs with a strong flow. It's an album I've really enjoyed working on, and listening to the finished thing, I think it's a great listen that deserves some serious attention.

I'm sharing the bass duties with Dug 
Pinnick (he of the mighty bass tone and legendary band King's X, who also toured with Porcupine Tree on the Incident Tour) and also session legend John Giblin (Kate Bush, Brand X, Simple Minds and many, many more)
Gavin Harrison plays drums throughout and Dave Kerzner, who I met up with in the flesh recently, handles the keyboards and co-production and co-writing duties.
There is more info on the burning shed newsletter here, please scroll down the newsletter for info about a free download track from "Chalk Lines" ( ...and also about  "Burnt Belief" pre-order info)



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