Wednesday 14 August 2019


After struggling with what to call ourselves, (EDK being a bit too similar to O.R.k perhaps) 
 my full-length collaborative album with Jon Durant and Inna Kovtun is being lined up for an Autumn release (CD and digital) and will simply be called "Colin Edwin, Jon Durant, Inna Kovtun"
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Above is the cover image design by Radoslav Chrzan. It should be fairly obvious the main image represents a bridge. It seemed apt, as bridges have followed us wherever we go. Inna's home city, Kiev is bisected by the Dnieper river and features a number of impressive bridges. Jon spends a good deal of time in Portland on the West Coast of the U.S.A. which has many bridges,  although he's forever photographing the same one!
We mixed the album all together at Grand Cru Studios in London, on a boat in St. Katherine's Dock,  right next to London Bridge.

More information, audio samples, pre-order links etc when the time comes.......

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