Wednesday 26 April 2017

O.R.k. - I'm Afraid of Americans

We are happy to present our tribute to one of the greats, with a song that recent events have given a new and chilling resonance.

Macho Posturing, Nepotism, Divisive Messages, Growing Authoritarianism, the Exploitation of Fear, Marginalization of Minorities, Denial of Science, Mocking of the Disabled, a Government of Billionaires, and most worrying of all, Nuclear Sabre Rattling......we're not just afraid of Americans, we are afraid for Americans....

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  1. I had forgotten this song. One of my favorite Bowie songs. And with the president that the citizens whom i live among elected,it shows that Bowie once again was ahead of his time. One of the greats, not only as a musician but also as a human
    Rip David Bowie and thank you O.R.K.

  2. Yes, i'm afraid to not been killed by blacks or hispanic scums that rules american streets.Marginalization of Minorities????hahaha, one of this "minorities" was president for 8 years....the most richest sport stars are blacks etc....what is this shit?

  3. zajebiście wykonany numer!


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