Thursday 16 April 2015


See above cover image for  the "Mesh" EP, which is my first release of any solo material since "PVZ" in 2012.

I guess it's not strictly solo, since I am joined by my former Random Noise Generator partner Robert Peck (A.K.A. RJ) on vocals and guitar. Although initially Rob encouraged me to sing, he does a much better job of vocals than I can, and his guitar textures add a pleasing dimension I hadn't foreseen.

I have described the music as being an ideal soundtrack to moments of indecision and transition, and both states seem to occur fairly regularly in my life.

Five tracks and just shy of 20 minutes of music, "Mesh" is a digital only release and out now in the usual places: iTunes, CD Baby, and Burning Shed, and Bandcamp, where hi-res FLAC audio files are also an available option.

A full length album featuring further solo material in conjunction with RJ will be forthcoming later this year.



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