Thursday 16 May 2013

Astarta/Edwin - Live at Kraina Mriy Festival in July.

More cyrillic...the above poster is for the Kraina Mriy World Music Festival in Kiev, Ukraine in July, where I'll be performing live with Astarta/Edwin, i.e. myself and Ukrainian vocal duo Astarta.
 I am very pleased to have also persuaded my Burnt Belief partner Jon Durant to make the trek from Boston, USA to join us and add his amazing guitar stylings.
Jon has made some great contributions to the Astarta/Edwin material, (which is still work in progress at the moment), so it's fitting that he joins us, more details in due course.

Above - In Vyshgorod, near Kiev.

                                                          Astarta  -  Inna left, Yulia right.

Despite having an avid interest in all things mythographic, I must to confess to having been slow off the mark and totally not recognising the origin of the name Astarta, which is, I now realise, the Ukrainian-ized name for "Astarte", the Ancient goddess, certainly appropriate given the "Yin" energy that Inna and Yulia have in abundance....



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