Saturday 1 September 2012

Live with Slow Electric

I've known Tim Bowness for a really, really long time, playing on his solo albums and also some of the No-Man material over the years, and more recently Memories Of Machines, but I had never played live in front of an audience with Tim until earlier this year, when I guested with Slow Electric, Tim's collaboration with Estonian Duo UMA, at a joint concert in Ukraine with Ex-Wise Heads.

I was impressed with Slow Electric's performance when I first saw them in Norwich last year. There's a real power, atmosphere and intensity to their actively minimalistic approach: ambient electronica blended with thoughtful songwriting and a nod to ECM type icecool soundscape jazz, it's well worth checking out if that vague description sounds like it might float your particular boat.

Anyway, it appeared to me immediately like a great context for Tim's vocals, with Aleksei Sak's incredibly expressive trumpet playing and Robert Jurjandal's ambient guitar scapes alongside Peter Chilvers on keyboards and electronics.

It also seems like a great context for me to play some bass, so I'm pleased to say I'll be joining Slow Electric for a concert in Tallinn, Estonia, next month on October 7th.
Tallinn is somewhere I've always wanted to visit, so I'll be taking a camera or two for sure...

Please click below the somewhat psychedelic poster underneath for ticket and venue information:




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