Monday 20 February 2012

"PVZ" now available.

I am glad to say my latest full length solo album "PVZ" is now available from burning shed .

It was my original intention to release "PVZ" as a download only, however, I decided to have a limited edition physical version available for those who, like me, prefer to have something they can touch.

I have opted for a USB key, see below:

The USB key is limited to 300 numbered copies, containing both FLAC and mp3 versions of the album, as well as printable artwork (designed by Carl Glover) for those who might like to create their own CD. The first 100 or so orders of the USB keys will come with 4 bonus tracks in mp3 format.

See my previous blog posts for the tracklisting, and some background information about the album.

You can hear a preview medley for a flavour of the album over on my soundcloud page:


All the Best,



  1. How do I get a USB?
    I too am a Colin with an awesome beard if that helps my chances.

  2. What a cool idea and execution! Turns out digital can be beautiful too.
    Great job, Colin.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Just wanted to thank you for the great new album, i received my USB today, very nice indeed. Please get SW to knock together a 5.1 mix!

  5. Love the album and love the format. Nice one. Only one gripe - mine is no. 188 and there are no bonus tracks - any chance for those of us who missed out to miss in ?.... so to speak

    yours hopefully


  6. I got my USB stick in the mail, glad to see it had the bonus tracks... Slowmotionphoto is a great chillout track :)

  7. Thanks for the album, Colin. It plays in a loop and I don't wish to discontinue.

    Cheers from Moscow, Russia.



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