Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Live All Stars.

Short trailer of the Gaudi All Stars Orchestra filmed at the "Magnetic" album launch gig in London:

Yours truly on bass, with Pippo De Palma on Guitar, Nikolaj Bjerre on Drums, and of course Gaudi on synth, keys, theremin, and live dub manipulations.

Ozora was a lot of fun:

We'll be at Psi-fy in Holland next week…..

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Upcoming Live Dates

Over the coming summer I'll be playing live with Gaudi, Sdang! and Tim Bowness, at different times, below all confirmed dates with links for FB events where I have them:

With Gaudi All Stars Orchestra:

June 16th  - The Borderline ( "Magnetic" Album Launch)

July 31st Ozora Festival, Hungary

August 16th Psy-Fi Festival, Netherlands

…see previous blog post here

With S'Dang!

July 7th  Let's go summer fest - Gattorna (Ge) Italy

July 8th Indigest festival - Castel San Pietro Terme (Bo) Italy

July 28th Solarrock - Solarolo (Ra) Italy

August 20th Caga fest - Itri (Lt) Italy

August 21st Tirabusciò - Soveria Mannelli (Cz) Italy

September 10 Reasonanz - Loreto (An) Italy

…short trailer  can be found here

With Tim Bowness:

September 30th - 7th Wave Festival of Electronic Music, Birmingham UK

Monday, 8 May 2017

Live with Gaudi

I've contributed bass to some of the tracks on his forthcoming album so it makes total sense to be joining Gaudi for some dates in support of his forthcoming album "Magnetic"
set for release on Rarenoise on June 16th.
The live band will be a four piece and also include Pippo De Palma (Loungedelic) on guitar and Nikolaj Bjerre on drums.
I've been working through the material in preparation and it's a heady mix of psychedelia, dub, krautrock and atmospherics, it's sure to be a great experience for band and audience alike…..looking forward to it!

First up is the Borderline in London, please click here for ticket information.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

O.R.k. - I'm Afraid of Americans

We are happy to present our tribute to one of the greats, with a song that recent events have given a new and chilling resonance.

Macho Posturing, Nepotism, Divisive Messages, Growing Authoritarianism, the Exploitation of Fear, Marginalization of Minorities, Denial of Science, Mocking of the Disabled, a Government of Billionaires, and most worrying of all, Nuclear Sabre Rattling......we're not just afraid of Americans, we are afraid for Americans....

O.R.k. FB page

Monday, 17 April 2017

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Live with S'Dang!

I'll be joining instrumental duo S'dang! for some of their live dates over the coming summer,
and first up is Rock the South Festival in Malta later this month:

If you're unfamiliar with on SDang! a good place to start would be this album review

SDang! drummer Alessandro "Petrol" Pedretti and I have worked together before as Endless Tapes, and our full length collaborative album "Brilliant Waves" came out last year, click here for details.

Solo Work

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