Saturday, 9 February 2019

Tim Bowness - Borderline

Another track from Tim Bowness's forthcoming album "Flowers at the Scene".
I am playing double bass, and the track also features sometime Ex-Wise Head Ian Dixon on trumpet, who plays also on my recent album with Robert Jurjendal - "Another World"

Tuesday, 5 February 2019


Latest single "Black Blooms" from O.R.k., also features Serj Tankian on vocals.

"Black Blooms" is from the forthcoming album "Ramagehead":

Please check the following link for

Friday, 1 February 2019

New Material with Inna Kovtun and Jon Durant.

The turmoil that engulfed Ukraine in late 2014 pretty much put a stop to the activities I had been planning with Kiev based vocal duo Astarta (see previous blog posts here and here) . We just about managed to release our album through Comp Music eventually, but any live performances and further recording was put on hold indefinitely.
I am happy to say that, after a pause of about 18 months, I managed to reconnect with the marvellous vocalist Inna Kovtun, and with the addition of Jon Durant, my partner in Burnt Belief , who also made a lot of fantastic contributions to the Astarta/Edwin album as well as joining us for the live shows we did manage, late 2018 saw us all together for the closing stages of mixing a full new albums worth of material.
As before, the new tracks are built around a set of Slavic folk songs, but extensively reworked and re-imagined by Jon and myself.
Initially working from bare vocals upwards, Inna in turn created fresh vocal arrangements with new harmonies around our newly developed musical backing.
After the mostly remote recording process, Jon, Inna and myself were able to meet up in London for the final mixing sessions on the marvellous Grand Cru Studios in the picturesque setting of St. Katherine's Dock in London.
We've been lucky enough to also have some rhythmic input from the Twinscapes powerhouse Roberto Gualdi on drums.
I am really looking forward to releasing the results of our work together, no firm plans yet, but something else to watch out for later  in 2019......hopefully before too long...

Sunday, 20 January 2019

O.R.k. - "Ramagehead" Pre-Orders

I've managed to receive a few copies of the forthcoming O.R.k. album ahead of release, so here they are:

 CD version also comes with a fold-out poster. (not shown)

 Crystal Vinyl.

Fantastic cover art by Adam Jones and a great design by Denis Rodier.
A lot of thought, care and attention always goes into album design, this was no exception.
 I am still of the opinion it makes for a much better and enhanced listening experience, as well as giving the listener a deeper appreciation of the artist's intentions.

Pre-Orders can be made from the following link:

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Tim Bowness - Flowers at the Scene

I am playing both upright and electric bass on the forthcoming Tim Bowness album "Flowers at the Scene" due in early March.
The first preview track "I Go Deeper" is out now:

The usual pre-order options can be found here:

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

O.R.k. - "Kneel to Nothing"

First new track from the forthcoming O.R.k. album "Ramagehead", visuals by our very own Lef...

For Tour dates please see  here

Thursday, 6 December 2018

O.R.k. - New Album and Tour for 2019

I am very happy to announce the new O.R.k. album "Ramagehead", is now due for release on February 22nd via Kscope.
Commencing work after a short break at the end of our "Soul of an Octopus" Tour earlier this year, "Ramagehead" was written recorded between March and September, and has been mixed by the Grammy winning Marc Urselli and Adrian Benavides, with mastering by Micheal Fossenkemper of Turtle Tone Studios.
It certainly feels like the most complete and developed album we've made together. As before the distinctive elements of Pat Mastelotto's ever inventive drumming, Carmelo Pipitone's striking and original guitar work and Lef's distinctive and powerful vocals have blended together with me in the middle somewhere, and from my perspective we've certainly gained a lot from our live experiences in the last couple of years, something difficult to quantify, but an even greater group "oneness" and unspoken shared intent perhaps.

We have a very special guest vocalist in the shape of Serje Tankian, and Eleuteria Arena, who is a frequent live guest, also provides backing vocals and some beautiful cello.
The stunning cover image is the work of Adam Jones, with design by Denis Rodier.

Pre-Order link in various formats can be found here:

Starting in February, Lef, Carmelo Pipitone, Pat Mastelotto and myself will be touring Europe in support of "Ramagehead", including some dates with Pineapple Thief. 

Complete list of tour dates and ticket information can be found here.

Please check the O.R.k. website FB page/ Instagram/Twitter/YouTube etc for more details and more frequent updates than I am likely to post here...



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