Thursday 28 July 2016

Burnt Belief - "Emergent" - cover image and track listing.

"Emergent" the upcoming third album from Jon Durant and myself under the name "Burnt Belief" is now completely finished and set for an early October 2016 release. 
Vinny Sabatino, who joined us on "Etymology" and for a previous live date, is on drums.
The last two albums "Etymology" and "Burnt Belief", having been on import only at the time of release, will also be distributed via Cargo at the same time.


1.The Bubble Bursts
2. More Snow
3. The Confidence of Ignorance
4. Emergent
5. Until The Stars Go Out
6. Language of Movement
7. Turning Torso
8. Ghosts Aquatic

Audio previews, press release and other information to follow.

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