Saturday, 14 May 2016

Interesting Failures….

For every photo I am happy with, on any given developed reel, there's usually a whole load of failures, mistakes, experiments that come to nothing and weird results, as unpredictability and the unexpected is built into the use of Lomo cameras. 
There's probably a philosophical parallel with many other areas of life, so please enjoy this small selection of the many duds, whilst perhaps speculating on the randomness of it all…..
In truth, some of these I quite like.

Double exposure, baby and plant.

Totally out of focus blur of something, nice colours though.

Spherical Something


Child's eyes with progressive light leak.

Split Psychotic Selfie Face

A Glowing Foetus?

Not everyone wants to be photographed.

Studio Light Leak

Path of U.F.O.

Multiple U.F.O's somewhere European.

Octo Light Leak

Surreal Staircase.

For some of the more successful results please see my flickr page here:

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