Wednesday 7 November 2012

Burnt Belief - Coming Soon....

I am very happy to announce that "Burnt Belief" my collaborative album with guitarist Jon Durant, is mixed, mastered, manufactured and  ready for pre-order. Release date is set for "the end of the world"... very soon, so I hope any survivors will enjoy the may well be an essential soundtrack for the Post Apocalyptic Times we will apparently find ourselves living in...(assuming that it isn't in fact the present reality and I just don't know about it....)

In any event "Burnt Belief" is an instrumental narrative, consisting of 8 tracks:

1 Altitude
2 Impossible Senses
3 Prism
4 Balthasar's Key
5 Uncoiled
6 Semazen
7 The Weight of Gravity
8 Arcing Towards Morning

Total running time is just under an hour at 59 m 16s.

As well as Jon on 12 string, his unique lead and cloud guitars, and yours truly (various basses, electronics and programming), Jerry Leake is active on most tracks with an interesting variety of percussion, mostly of the middle Eastern variety, but also Indian tablas and various metallics. I've always enjoyed the blend of electronic and human sounds with rhythmic elements, Jerry has done a fantastic job complementing the electronic programming, with both his sound choice and feel.

Geoff Leigh guests on flute on the diminished tonality of  "Balthasar's Key" and Randy Roos, who recorded Jon's previous album Dance of the Shadow Planets also mixed and mastered the CD at Squam Sound Studios in New Hampshire, USA.

Sometimes a particular atmosphere or sound suggests to me that it might make a good context for a particular instrument of mine. For the vast majority of "Burnt Belief" I've used my new USA Spector fretless, which has proved to be an extremely expressive and responsive addition to my bass sounds, but there's a few other colours too, namely my low tuned Spector Euro 435LX for some extra deep bass, my (phazed and distorted) Wal fretted played with a pick, my double bass on the acoustic track "Arcing Towards Morning" and also my old Ovation Magnum II, lending a fat dub style tone to a minimalist line in one interlude.

There will be two physical editions of "Burnt Belief" a standard CD in a Digipack, and for those who might like it, a special limited "Tin Edition", with a signed insert, see below:

Inside the Tin:

I'll be posting the pre-order information here as soon as I have it, in the meantime, here's an audio sampler of the album: (EDIT- click here to pre-order, and check out the Facebook page also)



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