Sunday 22 July 2012

"Burnt Belief" - Colin Edwin / Jon Durant

Below, a short trailer for the forthcoming album "Burnt Belief" - a collaboration between your humble scribe, and guitarist, composer, photographer ( and, I learnt only yesterday, graphic designer) Jon Durant:

I worked with Jon last year on his "Dance of the Shadow Planets" album, which you can read about in a previous blog entry here.

"Dance of the Shadow Planets" came together in such an enjoyable and inspiring manner, I had hoped that Jon and I would work together again before too long.
With Jon and I seemingly sharing a particular wavelength, the process of creating "Burnt Belief" has felt like a natural continuation, the main development being that my role has expanded to adding electronics, rhythm programming, a certain amount of sonic sculpting and composition, as well playing both electric and double bass.

Jon, along with his unique guitar stylings, has also expanded his palette, playing prepared, and electric pianos, and we are joined by percussionist Jerry Leake (who also worked on Shadow Planets) with a spellbinding array of metallics and drums of various types, adding a rhythmic depth to the tunes, last but not least, my fellow Ex-Wise Head, Geoff Leigh who plays a mighty fine flute solo on one track.

The album is due out on December 21st this year - which the more observant reader will realise is a significant date ......

I'll be sharing some more info about the album in the near future.




  1. Very nice piece indeed Colin. Serpentine basslines a little like Mick Karn's sort of vibe, love it!

    I look forward to this album greatly!

    Time to dust off my SB1000...


  2. Good stuff, Colin. Like the use of flute and tabla towards the end. And the bass sounds heady.

    have fun,

  3. look forward to hearing the whole cd....good stuff

  4. Would really appreciate it if your work was enlisted on Spotify. Would serve a larger demographic.




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