Thursday 25 August 2011

Tape is Obsolete...

I was interested to read this about the OED scrapping the term "cassette tape", but no as I was reading, my son (aged 6) asked me what was on the T-shirt pictured here: I guess I haven't played one for a while either......


  1. If you like C90's, this might resonate with you! :-)

  2. You may be interested in this. Sandy Pearlman (the real "Cowbell" producer) suggested that I read this paper.

    Maybe analog tape is not dead yet.

  3. I only have a cassette player+radio in my car, and the radio is I have to record tapes from CDs at home in order to listen to Porcupine Tree while driving! I guess I live in a time bubble, but on the other hand my kids are surely familiar with this old technology :D


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